Frequently Asked Questions

Kind Words From Previous Clients:

“Reid! Thank you so much for capturing our day. You are an amazing person all around and your art of photography is incredible! Everyone loved you! Can’t wait to get some of these pictures hanging on our walls.” – Rachel

“Thanks Reid for a great job done on our photos. We have greatly appreciated and loved our photos.” – Brandy

“I got my pictures last night! And I LOVE them! Thank you so very much once again for being our photographer :) your awesome at what you do! Thank you Reid!” – Brooke

“REID!!!! OMG OMG I love the pictures so far! You are wonderful at what you do! Thank you so very much you made our day even better. Your talent is outstanding, and words can’t describe how thankful I am and so very honoured to have had you as our photographer!Can’t wait to see more!” – Brooke


Kind Words from Followers, and Client’s Friends and Family:

“Wow Reid! I am so blessed (and not to mention a tad jealous) at the lucky couples who get to have you capture their memories! You have such a gift! I LOVE the birds-eye view picture of them sharing an intimate moment. So precious. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!” – Tara

“Casual, elegant, gorgeous – you totally captured what makes Ayrin and Thelon so special as a couple” – Lyn

“Reid! what an amazing job. the pictures are so beautiful! thank-you soo much. I know Brooke is going to be extremely happy.” – Frankie

“BEAUTIFUL!! And that was FAST! I love them. You guys are a beautiful couple.” – Nicole


“Reid you are a real artist! I love the photos in the boat”, “Absolutely beautiful photos Reid! Makes me want to remarry my hubbie so you can take the photos!”  – Ginny


How Many Outfit Changes Are Included in Your Engagement Sessions?

An Engagement Session is 2-3 hours long and includes 2-3 outfit changes. You can bring and wear anything you feel most comfortable in. Typically it’s nice to do a more casual and fun outfit followed by more formal or trendy outfits. Most importantly, I want you guys to be comfortable in what you’re wearing, and to be you – you will love your images that much more. In saying that – I love to do themed engagement sessions as well, i.e. vintage.

Do You Shoot Film?

I am fully digital, I only use pro lenses and camera bodies. Although, maybe 0.01% of your day will be shot with a medium format film camera. This is where I want to give you something unique from your wedding day, and another perspective. But whenever I sneak a shot in film (very small part of your day) I make sure I grab a shot as well in digital.

Who Will Be Photographing My Wedding?

Yours truly! Depending on what package you choose, I will have a second photographer as well.

Do You Sell Albums?

Yes I do! I have managed to find an album that I love to give couples…actually it’s bitter sweet – I love the album so much I want to keep it ;) but I can’t get enough of their reaction when they see it in person. It’s a top grain leather bound fine art album that comes in a presentation box, white gloves, and a velvet slip (oh yes – it’s special). It also comes in various sizes and colours of hide. Its pages are corner to corner, drop dead goregous prints, mounted on thick board (my favourite part – NO plastic sleeves). You can see some examples here and here.

I’m Not a Model, and I Don’t Photograph Well!

Do not fret, the images on my website are of everyday brides. You can have confidence in my abilities as a professional to know how to capture the natural beauty of who you are – and that is what makes you and your images beautiful. So relax, and have fun; leave the rest up to me.

Do You Give Away Your Copyrights?

I provide you with a disc of high and low resolution images for you to keep and reproduce (up to 6x8in.) for yourself and family. Anything larger must be printed by me. I do this because I want your enlargements to be the best quality they can be. It’s really unfortunate to see such great quality images poorly printed. I will go through all the necessary steps to properly prepare your image before printing it. I have a professional 17″ printer that I use along with top of the line fine art printing paper…paper that cannot compare to Blacks, or other commercial printing stores. Let’s just say it’s worth it, and you will be blown away by the quality – When we meet I will show them to you! I still keep the copyright for all your images to use for my own purposes: blogging, website, promotional material, etc.

What If You Get Struck By Lightning and Can’t Make Our Event?!

Ok, so this isn’t usually how it’s worded, but this is a legitimate question. This has yet to happen, but if for some dreadfully serious reason, such as being struck by lightning, I have many other photographers who I know and trust, who will be able to step in for me. Again – this is only if I can’t even crawl to the car…Don’t worry I will be there. :)

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