Hanna + Rony Married – Intimate Oakvile Wedding

Hanna and Rony’s wedding was so beautiful, and was an incredible end to my 2012 season! I was thrilled with the light we had all day – it was just perfect. Although, my favourite memory from their day was their ceremony, and having the privilege of seeing them commit their lives to each other; one of the best ceremonies all year! We headed down to the lake to take full advantage of the light and finished off the day with an intimate reception at Jonathans, downtown Oakville. Rony and Hanna, you make an incredible couple and I anticipate seeing the incredible things you will accomplish together. Thank you for an amazing day and for making my job easy! Blessings,

Ceremony: Harvest Bible Chapel

Recpetion: Jonathans

All Stationary: Groom (he also designed my business cards!)

Oakville-Harvest-Bible_Chapel-Jonathans-Restaurant-When-He-Found-Her-Wedding-Photography-Reid-Lambshead-Luxury-Weddings Oakville-Harvest-Bible_Chapel-Jonathans-Restaurant-When-He-Found-Her-Wedding-Photography-Reid-Lambshead-Luxury-Weddings Oakville-Harvest-Bible_Chapel-Jonathans-Restaurant-When-He-Found-Her-Wedding-Photography-Reid-Lambshead-Luxury-Weddings Oakville-Harvest-Bible_Chapel-Jonathans-Restaurant-When-He-Found-Her-Wedding-Photography-Reid-Lambshead-Luxury-Weddings_07a

Pia Thompson - Outstanding job, again, Reid! You captured the day perfectly.

Emily + Jared Engaged – Toronto High Park Engagement

Emily and Jared were such a blast to shoot with! They are both very easy going, energetic, and loved to laugh – yes, a dream to shoot! They also love to travel, so we used a map and a few other props that represented their relationship! I really appreciated seeing them interact with each other and Emily light up when she looked at Jared; I can’t wait to shoot their wedding next year! Emily and Jared, thank you for a great shoot, and blessings on the rest of your engagement!


Toronto-High-Park-Emily-Jared-When-He-Found-Her-Toronto-Luxury-Wedding-Photography-Reid-Lambshead-Engagement-Sessions_01b Toronto-High-Park-Emily-Jared-When-He-Found-Her-Toronto-Luxury-Wedding-Photography-Reid-Lambshead-Engagement-Sessions_01b

Laura + Ryan Married – Muskoka Wedding

This beautiful couple are troopers, and when I say troopers… I mean it. The poor guys found out only two weeks prior to their wedding that their venue had been struck by lightning and burnt to the ground… yeah. No couple should ever have to deal with this only days before their wedding. Laura said it best: “And I thought the colour of his tie was a big deal before this…” They buckled down, drove up North and found alternate venues. When we arrived on the day of the wedding you never would have thought it was their plan B; everything looked perfect! Laura is an incredibly talented creative director, so everything right down to the font of the place cards matched perfectly. Their rustic/ chic themed wedding was not only beautiful but went off without a hitch! Ryan and Laura were so relaxed, it was an incredible to see them carefree and focused on what mattered most. They would be marrying their best friend, and that nothing, not even lightning and fire, could steal the joy of joining their lives, and declaring their commitment to one another.

All the best you two!

Pow-Wow-Point-Lodge-When-he-found-her-reid-lambshead-toronto-luxury-fine-art-weddings-muskoka Pow-Wow-Point-Lodge Pow-Wow-Point-Lodge-When-he-found-her-reid-lambshead-toronto-luxury-fine-art-weddings-muskoka Pow-Wow-Point-Lodge-When-he-found-her-reid-lambshead-toronto-luxury-fine-art-weddings-muskoka Pow-Wow-Point-Lodge-When-he-found-her-reid-lambshead-toronto-luxury-fine-art-weddings-muskoka

Elaine - These are wonderful pictures Laura and Ryan. So many memories! It was a beautiful day!! I loved all the special touches!